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My Aching Body – New Injuries!

So pirouettes aren’t my thing. I was back in the emergency department last thursday morning not for my usual MRI but this time for an Xray on what we thought was a broken left foot. I managed to roll over it on wednesday night and although it wasn’t that painful, when I woke up on […]

My reply…

Someone posted a question about their lingering back pain… This is a portion of my replies. 1. Well I think I am going to give the opposite advice since I am in a similar situation to you and am living it day to day. I am 2 1/2 years post op and have had some […]

To My Health…

I went to the doctor again today to get the results of all my bloodwork etc. He said my sugars are fine, my thyroid was a little elevated so he is sending me for another test, my cell counts were fine and best of all that my cholestorol was low as were my triglycerides. This […]

My Most Recent Back Issue

On my birthday, Feb 20, I spent most of the day on my feet and stepping up onto a chair to videotape the girls competing at the Americana Invitational in Niagara Falls. The next day I was a little sore, nothing special so I thought. As the week wore on, I got more and more […]

On the diet bandwagon

I got my health assesment for the Calorie Stampede this morning. Shamefully listed below are my not so vital statistics: Weight: 263 % Fat: 28 Height: 6’0″ Age: 37 Waist: 43 Hips: 40 Blood Pressure: 138 / 65 – this was a little skewed I think due to the small cuff they used. My goals […]