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The Truman Show

This will become one of my favourite movies of all time. There are movies that tend to put your life into perspective for you, ones that suspend your disbelief for you and at the same time draw you in to a reality that has existed for you on some level forever. This may seem a […]

Out of Sight

Sorry about this but I have to give a great deal of credit for my affection for this movie to Jennifer Lopez. It is not very often that I enjoy a movie solely for the actors, and it is not exclusively the case here, however if she were not in this movie it would have […]

The Full Monty

This has to be one of the best movies of last year. It is fortunate that I was raised in the same part of the world as these boys, since I could understand the stranger nuances of their language. After all, it is not the easiest thing to express the full meaning of the words […]


Hoffman again, I love this guy. He does a great job, the core of the movie is the relationship amongst Hoffman, Sharon Stone and Samuel L. Jackson and is well played, creatively written and leaves just enough to the imagination to make it genuinely spooky in parts. There is nothing quite like psychoses among friends. […]


With the memory of Lost Boys, I expected good things from this vampire flick and I am happy to say I was not disappointed. In the mold with which it was cast, it is a good movie. Wesley Snipes does a great job as the Daywalker and has some moves you would not believe. There […]

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I was sure I was going to hate this movie, but I had avoided it for so long, I finally decided it was time. By the time I had seen the bats and lizards, witnessed the trapeze flying dog, growling like some kind of demented Werewolf and watched the “Attorney” trying desperately to get off […]

Star Wars – The Phantom Menace

Beside the fact that I had to wait to see this movie until all the freaks and wierdos in their Yoda and Chewbacca outfits had dissipated, I was still very much impressed with the whole thing. I am not a Star Wars groupie by any means, in fact I haven’t even see the other 3 […]

What Dreams May Come

I am such a sucker for sappy movies. I have heard this movie take bad criticism for so long that I finally forgave myself for not seeing it in the Theater and rented it. It took me three days to get it, but it was worth the wait. for someone like me that lives and […]

Forces Of Nature

Maybe I am biased because I am such a huge Sandra Bullock fan, but I really liked this movie. the chemistry on screen between her and Affleck was just great, lots of fun, lots of energy and a charm that Bullock never has possessed to this point. I like her in this type of semi-aggressor […]

8 mm

I, like most people, have grown to love Nicholas Cage. He surfaced for me in Raising Arizona and although mired in mediocrity for years, has emerged as a solid and dependable actor. This movie is, not surprisingly since it has such strong ties with it, in the same vein as “Seven”. If you allow yourself […]