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From Alberta With Love

There is so much to say, and so little time it seems that I have to express my emotions. The saga will have to wait, but for now just a piece of housekeeping. Mariska came back from Calgary on Tuesday night with her sister, her two nephews and a very stinky little dog. First, I […]


Don’t bother wasting time “finding yourself”, take time to create yourself I am feeling especially uncreative today. Probably partially due to the fact that I am extremely tired after a very hectic weekend. “Surely” I hear you cry “That is the ideal topic”. Well, you may be right, but then again, considering the types of […]

I am Not a Number, I am a Free Man

Nature never disappoints, but occasionally is disguises its intent. 5:45 AM I was awoken by the muffled sound of the building Fire Alarm. Against my better judgement I decided that now would be a good time to work on the server at work. Clearing my head with the fumes from the cat’s breakfast I headed hastily […]

I am Not the Lord of the Dance

I think I am finally understanding the difference between a good journal (one that you wait in anticipation of the next entry) and a bad journal (one that is frustrating and annoying to read). It is simply this, think about a failed relationship you have had. Now do you remember the time that you sat […]

Hallmark Boy Strikes Again

Oh, to be a tree I was quite excited yesterday, I managed to squeeze out a poetic card for Bianca’s birthday, and although I have gone from fabulous works of fiction and drama and fascinating poetic meandering to a Hallmark poet, it’s OK. It took me 30 seconds, and I like it. That’s what excites […]

Bianca’s Birthday

The poetry of the soul engages only the eyes of the believer, the lover, the friend. I have, once again with the aid of Freak0ut (who seems to be getting far too much credit. Note to self: keep some for yourself.) discovered a gem in the mine of mediocrity in which we wander. It is […]

It’s Great to be Writing Again

Without a sense of who we are, how can we hope to become who we want to be ? I have been looking back over the last couple of weeks and feeling a little like I am missing the point of these entries. Maybe it is just that I haven’t been particularly pressing myself to […]

Listless and Limp

It is within the violent grasp of nature that we find ourselves truly humbled. This was a strange day. We had the biggest storms you could imagine in Toronto. There was rain so strong that I was soaked to my skin within 30 seconds of being outside. The raindrops were the size of life savers and […]

No, Never, Not Ever…

But for the sweet sound of my love, take me from this place that I should be tormented no more… It’s Wednesday and I have been working hard at getting all the impersonal stuff on the page up and running. Now for the hard part. I have to try and fill in the Bio and […]

The Road to Naugatuck

Hey, I’m back, and what a weekend. Well, the big news is that we found a place to live and have secured it for ourselves. Last week we saw some really nice townhouses in Thornhill (Don Mills and Steeles) and decided that they were something that we could live in. There were a few for […]