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Cookie Wars and Journal Love

Watched A Life Less Ordinary and enjoyed it immensely. (In Scottish) “Right, daughter, I’ve got your arsehole here…” Well the new layout is just around the corner, the weather is beautiful and sunny and I am writing this on a “natural keyboard” with the shouts and moans of Bronwin and Gerry in the background as […]

Focus, Man, Focus!

Put your sunglasses back on, blue is back until month end… I had started out yesterday with the intention of introducing a new element into my page entries, however since I was distracted by my own pointlessness, I missed the mark by a considerable distance. The point was that I was going to go back […]

Beautiful Days

“..Make me laugh Make me cry in rage Baby, just don’t try To disengage me” -Ani DiFranco Laying prostrated upon the couch, fondling my temporary seclusion I realized that in the grand scheme, my life is starting to turn out pretty well. I have a great job, a comfortable home, a nice car and a […]

Cut Off From The World

Our Internet access is down. I am sitting here writing this knowing full well that I cannot put it up until later. That makes for an odd feeling, and an even stranger sense of wonderment at why it bothers me at all. The phones are ringing and people are obviously perturbed by their inability to […]

In Medias Res

I have another Journal for you to check out. It is One More Face In The Crowd by a young lad by the name of Dom. Seems like a pleasant chap, professes not to be as much of a drunk as his journal would seem to indicate but as they would say in court “all […]

Beware Killer Nannies

I’m a Barbie Girl In a Barbie world… There is a new girl in town. The previous Information Services Secretary has disappeared without trace and we have a new one. It’s the nanny from The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. We had a chat this morning and let me just explain for a moment just […]

Was It Worth It?

I was debating whether or not I should do my Private Ryan review before this entry. However, my outstanding memory of the movie wasn’t the film itself, but rather the level of emotion it stirred surreptitiously within me. As Mariska and I made our way through the now quiet foyer, down the deserted escalator, I […]

My Routing Life

Well, I must apologize for this uncharacteristic quiet spell, however, my days this week have been restricted absolutely to my Cisco training course. I have the last day tomorrow and so far it has been brain frying at it’s finest. The actual content is mind blowing, the instructor is a pleasant guy by the name […]

Emotional Rampage

September 10, 1998. Thursday, 1pm (Lunchtime) I wrote an email today to the author of Zen, I thought you would like to read it. Many people know Laurie’s work and read her regularly. I do not presume to speak for everyone or anyone including myself. This is not a personal reply, this is a reaction […]


Maybe it is my lingering sentimentality of my years at Western that does it. Maybe the thought of rugby practice, aerobics in the gym, Frosh week and the promise of a bright new school year is what I love about fall. I think that the thoughts that abound mixed with the outstanding environment in the […]