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Beware the Demon Seed

October 31, 1998 Hallowe’en, Saturday. I am at work. Novell and Microsoft are my demons this All Hallows Eve and I shall bow to their demands and sacrifice virgin disks on their keyboard altars. Mariska left this morning for Brantford, leaving me to fend for myself in the barren and unwelcoming world of Network Computing. […]


Without Hallmark holidays, I am convinced that most people would never discover what they really are inside. I mean young women (no need to discriminate here) who try so hard all year to portray the archetypal business image and who often come to work with skirts that are a mere inch too short for the […]

Life, Uncontrollable

You see, now look what happened. Everything, as it has the tendency to do, has come to a head with the need to cram a weeks work into a two day span. Meanwhile I am in that most frustrating of moods that forces me to wander around the hospital looking for things to fix. I […]

Picture This

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has signed my guestbook, placed links to me in various places and has otherwise helped me to find a piece of carpet in this family room we call Cyberspace. I have taken on a challenge today. It is time to post some more pictures. I have […]

Price Of Admission

I’m lagging behind. My routine of reading online in the morning, sipping my English Toffee Coffee and snacking on my bagel is gone. It is completely my fault of course, I am obsessed with the performance of the network and spend all my time watching traffic and calculating thresholds. I am also lacking the time needed […]


What do you do when the person you love the most tells you they don’t trust you? What do you do when they think your life is a lie. What do you do when they question your every action. What do you do… QUESTION Do you have heart? Is what you see in the mirror […]

Dr. Do Little

October 25, 1998  Sunday, the day the clocks went back. I went to the doctor on Friday. As I suspected, he berated me for my choice of activities and told me that I would have to stop. Is this really how pathetic the medical profession has become? HB – Doctor, doctor, my arm hurts when […]


I did it again. I sat under the ego trip I had maniacally built upon the leg press and with one fluid motion the weight sank to my glutes with the delightful popping of cartilage and bone being compressed like an old scrap car. Then came the pain, as the surgical instrument entered my skin, […]

Work In Progress

Call it a work in progress. I came up with this in a guestbook I was signing. I think I should surround it with witty lyricism and call it poetry, what do you think? looping the lyrics through the eyes of my needle hanging the melodies from the hooks of my shower rail mind Stealing […]

While I Was Sleeping

I think I just lost a day. Somehow I was convinced today was Wednesday. Does that mean I gained a day? This week is difficult. I am not able to contain the events. I am not in control of my week. Mariska had class for the first time last night. She is taking an overview […]