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Not necessarily relevant. I am endlessly (or so it seems) in search of the glitch. There is one out there, I am just not sure of it’s whereabouts. This move has served to drain my energy so far, I am unable to produce my entries at any time, there is just too much traffic. I […]

Jacko The Don, OY!

Conceit is the finest armour a man can wear Incarceration. That’s the only word I can use. However, it seems as though I get more done down here, although I am also sure that my quality of work is suffering. Maybe that is the tradeoff they were looking for. Maybe they don’t care if we […]

Welcome To The Jungle

If it can go wrong it will… I am like a wild animal in a Zoo, I have been taken from my natural habitat and forced into a small cramped space with people watching over me. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. Also, I was under the impression that these people did their work and […]

Death in a Four by Ten

If someone in a bookstore asks you where the self-help section is, should you tell them? Man kills cubicle neighbour with a stapler and post-it notes, full story at 6, film at 11. So this is it, my last day of freedom, gazing from my 8th floor window at the cars passing by, the workers […]

Cubic Hell

OK, we lost. Enough said. Good game though.Hamilton lost the Grey Cup, and that too was an excellent game. So congratulations to both the Calgary Stampeders and the Saskatchewan Huskies for a job well done. There is no I in Team. There is also no I in Cold Blooded Murder… Who’s gonna snap first? I […]

Purple And Proud

As a matter of fact, going to Western does make me better than you. Real Men Wear Purple Wish us luck today. As a faithful Alumnus of Western I still get all tingly when Western gets to the playoffs. Today is the Churchill Bowl, the Eastern Final against Saskatchewan. Frankly I think we will romp, […]

The Big Picture

Mariska went out with Cheryl. Look out Toronto… There are numerous issues pertaining to having an online journal, and one which strikes me as particularly intriguing is the notion of the “big picture”. Do you think it is more difficult to get a sense of a person’s direction in life and their place when you […]

Gushing Over People I Don’t Know

I’d change my mind, but I don’t know where I left it (Suspended due to lack of inspiration). It’s not often that I refer directly to entries by other journallers, but I find this one particularly entertaining. Without taking any excessive time to go into it, my all time favourite entry of Dan’s is this. […]

Don’t Be Sorry, Be Right

It should not take a dictionary for people to know the meaning of accountability and responsibility. Are you ready for this? Yesterday was a full day, the kind of day that makes you wonder if you are being singled out for some reason. I got a call from Connie in the morning and she didn’t […]

That’s Not A Mudbath Is It?

Raw sewage, that’s a little offside I think… OK, I am only going to go into this once more. Today at the gym I had my final big break. Again with the chest, and this time I was able to lift 3 plates a side without any help or bursting a blood vessel in my […]