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It’s Snowtime!

December 17, 1998. Thursday   Casualties = Success? Only in America. As the missiles once again rained down on a sleeping Baghdad, the snow came cascading form the heavens like an ablutionary blessing on our quiet little corner of the world. To walk out of the house and see the neighbourhood covered with a silent […]

Skeletons in my Closet

You can’t survive on threats alone, sometimes you have to follow up on your promise of retribution This is getting spooky. All these people are turning up from my University days and telling my friends that “I remember Simon, yes, definitely” as if I was some kind of criminal or media icon, neither of which […]


December 15, 1998. Tuesday   If your ego isn’t getting stroked once in a while, what good is it to you? Days pale in comparison to nights when you put three 30 something men in a car and take them to a restaurant where the waitresses are paid to fall out of their shirts and […]

Guilty of Experience

Guilty of what I wonder? I was disturbed a while back about a gag pop psychology joke that was being passed around the office regarding Marion, Robin Hood, Little John and the Sheriff. I cannot recall what the exact circumstances were, but there was a questionable behaviour pattern set up and you had to make […]

Back to Life, Back to Reality

December 13, 1998. Sunday. The pedal on the right makes it go faster. It was still dark when I awoke. I crept downstairs and fired up my laptop to finish some loose ends and write yesterday’s entry. It is now 9 and the kids are being dragged out of bed for Church. I have to […]

Life In A Northern Town

December 12, 1998. Saturday.   Serenity Now! We were already in a time deficit when we got out of bed. By the time Mariska was conscious enough to function it was already 9am. For some reason, she wanted to wash the kitchen floor and vacuum before we left. This would ordinarily be OK, but with […]

Bad Code and the Return to Innocence

It’s all a question of priorities. Today was as bad as I had assumed it would be. Sitting in my cubicle, stewing like so much Orange Pekoe. The people I can turn to for advice were no solace, they are like the angel and the devil that sit upon my shoulders. The day seemed to […]

Until Tomorrow…

Thursday December 10, 1998   Life is all about choices, sweetheart. – Bronwin Well, I don’t have the control to write what I want., so I will save that for tomorrow, but just as a preview let’s refer to an entry written by Laurie just the other day. It referred to her desire to overdramatize […]

What’s Your Username?


You may be right, I may be crazy, but it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for… The uprising of the computer continues. Like a petulant child it disobeys and throws tantrums at every given opportunity. The disgruntled pet of the household, it is one step away from crapping in your shoes while you […]