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Baby Steps

Sunday January 31st 1999 Baby Steps I wish tomorrow were March 1. My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure.   Alfred, Lord Tennyson Sir Galahad Let us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky Like a patient etherized upon a table. T.S.Eliot […]

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of The Truth

Suspension – The truth doesn’t come cheap

Are you ready for things to get really messed up? Two nights now, and still the question of “are we at that point?” is being answered by actions not words. I think that Mariska is staying away from the house as much as possible and I have a feeling that last night’s trip to Lee’s […]

Final Countdown

Honesty, Integrity and Trust are the only pegs upon which to hang our souls. The conversation was plain enough, but the underlying factors are clouded in mystery. Mariska and I are having our difficulties. There are differences, there are difficulties and there are feelings that may be misplaced or even unsatisfactory in their magnitude. Nothing […]

Return of the Hatchet Lady

I guess some things are not better than a kick in the arse. She’s back in my life, or at least on the fringes. After 7 long years, I finally got to hear first hand about the grim reaper of the corporate world.Something really bad happened today. Something really expected and too long in coming […]

Wheat Kings And Pretty Things

With these you don’t know how to kill the bunny… I frustrate myself. I allow myself to feel powerless, even though there is nothing I can accomplish by feeling that way. Of course, that is the point of powerlessness, right? I could try to help, but I understand the difference between venting and a cry […]


f  y  o  o  s  h  a (Can anybody please tell me the significance of the title? I see it on a sticker in a public washroom all the time.) I have been an updating machine. Dan made it onto the Kudos list, I have updated and revised several places on the site, and the […]

The Week We All Knew Would Come

Meetings only serve to allow people of limited confidence to validate their existence by attempting to impose their views on others. For them, life is about getting your name on the minutes. It’s the week of which legends are made. The kind of week that forces one to conclude that a career choice interacting with […]

Stuck In The Closet Again

No torture can compare to the man in the Iron Wiring Closet. So my day, as exciting as it was, comprised of one thing. Sitting in the wiring closet trying to reconfigure the dead ISDN router. All day, no break, no food, no rest. No fun.There was no even a light at the end of […]

Jackknife or Whiplash?

There is no use in hating people, the only person who is affected by it is you. The people you hate either don’t know you hate them or don’t care. It seems that each time I have set upon my journey back into this journal I have been beset with reasons to stop, most of […]