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I don’t know what I was expecting, but I knew it wouldn’t happen, whatever it was. Like a Kevin Costner movie, I expected that the ending would be weak, unfortunate in it’s inability to do justice to the past.

In Search Of Distraction

Maybe today, we can put the past away… -Third Eye Blind, Jump. Up early, run my errands, stay out all day, go out all night. That was the plan. I actually left the house to escape the evil grip of Corn Pops that had held me since I had woken up. I was on my […]

Chicken Caesar and Car Crashes

Today was a big day in a lot of ways. It started off unlike the rest of the month, with something going right. I had replaced the TCPIP.nlm on the server and instead of crashing as it did a couple of days ago, it loaded fine and was able to be pinged. It was a […]

Dead Fish and Car Crashes

Wednesday Feb24 1999 Dead fish and car crashes For my birthday I realized that turning points come just after you really want them. For a refund you must have a dead fish AND a receipt… – Sign on the counter at the pet store. At least I don’t have a dead fish issue. More to […]


OK. I have reinstalled my operating system at work at least ten times in the last two days. I am going to kill someone.This is just unbelievable. Technology has no soul, no sense of responsibility to it’s owner, no compunction in refusing to cooperate. At one point, it refused to allow me to install Internet […]

Ghost Town

For my birthday I got to spend time with a great guy at a coffee shop by the highway in Toronto. This place is deserted today. Everyone has abandoned their posts to go to Grey Bruce for the “Go Live” date for the Patient Care System. It’s the same in parts as the one we […]

Happy Birthday To Me

For my birthday I would like a birthday… Breakfast at Sunset Grill, Pizza for dinner and someone significant with whom to share it all. That was the plan.The breakfast was the closest I got to accomplishing anything close to my goal. Mariska decided to hang around until the afternoon, I pottered around the house trying […]


This week has just flown, standing still with boredom as the backdrop it’s amazing how little you can do when you have so much to accomplish. There are certain things about my job that are boring, things that are generally fulfilling requests for other people. It’s tedious and ungratifying work, I feel like the gopher […]


It has been a long and hard three years but finally, despite even the most enduring of road blocks, I am nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. Physically, my identity is something of which I have been able to be proud for many years. It seems that over the course of the […]


For my birthday I would like to start a new chapter of my life. There’s just no helping some people. There is a rule in life that says that you can’t teach a person who doesn’t want to learn. Another way of saying this is that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. […]