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The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last. – Oscar Wilde, The Importance of being Earnest As you sit, squirming in your seat to get a firm placement in the plastic bucket, your hands gripping tighter on the restraint handles your body stiffens in anticipation of the forward thrust that will sent the coaster […]

Is this on?

They spend their time mostly looking forward to the past – John Osborne, Look Back In Anger I can’t be the only one who thinks it is too early for Christmas trees. Maybe it is the looming of the Y2K deadline and the fact that my entire life has been possessed by my job and […]

Bastard Spice

Viva Forever, I’ll be waiting, everlasting, like the sun. Live forever, for the moment, ever searching, for the one. – Spice Girls, Viva Forever First let me point out that Xoom has been sporadic at best this week and my frustration has led to the scrapping of the entries I had written once they wouldn’t […]

Sealing The Deal (Summer of ’93)

The wish to hurt, the momentary intoxication with pain, is the loophole through which the pervert climbs into the minds of ordinary men. – Jacob Bronowski, The Face of Violence I think I bought a house tonight. Finally, after much deliberation (read procrastination) I have finally agreed on a┬ápurchase price for my neighbour’s house. Over […]


Many’s the long night I’ve dreamed of cheese – toasted, mostly – Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island, Ch 15 How do I say that I think I was hit on without sounding arrogant? “I was hoping to see you, I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out for breakfast afterwards” That […]

Montana’s and Mr. Pong’s

A dish and a side of fries – S, commenting on Db. OK, the last entry is freaking me out. I am not exactly sure where it came from or what it means other that I am closer to the shrink’s couch than I was last week… Not to worry, I feel a great deal […]


A sadder and a wiser man, He rose the morrow morn – Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, VII The surface of a body, it’s own slick introduction distances have diminished but the resolve remains to fight somewhere inside crying for the outside air surviving on melancholy, dragging reality playing the fiddle […]

The Gas Man Cometh

An hour of sleep before Midnight is worth two after – Proverb I am amazed at just how much today sucked at work. You know, after 5 years taking English Literature, countless poems, short stories and hundreds of diary pages scribbled and torn you would think that I would be better at expressing myself by […]


I make war on the living, not on the dead. – Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor I am grateful, occasionally, that work has the ability to consume me so. I think had it not been for the presentation to senior management this week and the constant flow of requests and demands that I would have […]

3 Oranges

I’m in mourning for my life, I’m unhappy – Anton Chekhov, The Seagull, I I have been haunted, chased and trapped, both inside and outside my mind. Each face I see of a beautiful Asian girl brings me back to my knees with blood upon my hands. The traffic doesn’t scare me, but the people […]