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Sanity or Craziness?

Sanity or Craziness? (I’m gonna pay for this tomorrow…) No, when the fight begins within himself, A man’s worth something. – Robert Browning, Bishop Blougram’s Apology That means I guess that I must be gaining in worth, since my inner conflict grows seemingly exponentially with each time I see her. A thousand screaming questions, but […]

Super Sunday

When you change your focus You will change your results. – Proverb There is usually only one thing to do on Superbowl Sunday. Today, however, having spent the vast majority of the day in the delightful company of Jenny, I have decided that even the Superbowl can be usurped by the attentions of a beautiful […]


If your dream is big enough The facts don’t count. – Business Edict At some point we all read “I don’t know what’s wrong with me” in our favourite journals. That’s how I have felt this week in regard to this page. I don’t think that it is a pervading feeling throughout ever aspect of […]


Either you control your attitude Or your attitude controls you. – Proverb There are times at which I remember why it is that I love relationships so. After days apart, thoughts of confusion, uneasy conversations on the phone, we were finally able to see one another again and it was at that time that I […]

Last Day

Home is where the heart is. – Proverb Trissy is now almost officially gone. There has been no sign at all of his presence and sadly we now all fear the worst. It’s Saturday morning and I am sitting in the living room, facing the most wonderful view… I shall photograph it rather than tell […]

Spa Day – Endorphinless?

Relax. Don’t do it. – Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Relax There is a potential tragedy at hand, the neighbor’s cat, Trissy, a large ginger tom to whom my parents used to refer to as “The Ginger Bastard” has been missing since Sunday. He usually wanders casually into the living room through the French doors and […]


I should be wearing chocolate shoes shouldn’t I? I am sure that the question on at least some people’s lips right now is “What or who do you miss the most?” Well, I have to be honest and say that I miss my bed the most, since the singles here are not what I would […]


Have you found that what you focus on determines how you feel? – John L. Mason, Ask Ringing in the changes, making New Year’s Resolutions etc. etc., we are all familiar with the rituals of shaking up our lives and providing ourselves with that extra little push at the start of a year to try […]


The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine – Business Proverb With the past two months having been a constant and seemingly never ending list of Y2K preparations and hours in front of computer screens it is about time I gave myself a break. This weekend I am heading North to be […]

The Final Test

The future is made of the same stuff as the present – Simon Weil, Some Thoughts on the Love of God Watch this space. There are changes happening around here, a new design in the works in a way, not the major overhaul I was hoping for, but a few pieces here and there. Work […]