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Fat People Drive Buicks

09.29.2000 Friday To allow yourself to be whatever you wish Is to express without fear or obligation the true fire in the furnace of the untamed soul It is to allow yourself to be truly free Permission I am certain, more now than ever, that my life is filled with events, circumstances and pastimes with […]

Just Shoot Me (Up)

09.25.2000 Monday Courage. You can’t measure courage. — Olympics Commercial (funnily, you can’t inject it either…) I, as many of you have come to realize, possess two diametrically opposing sides to me and occasionally, I carry opinions from both. The Olympics are the best of times, but when naïveté rears it’s ugly head, it is […]

They are Everywhere Part II

09.20.2000 Wednesday I believe there is a moment when you see a woman for the first time when you know instinctively that she could be right for you. It is listening to and following those instincts that can make or break you as a man. — Excerpted from the unfinished “Seeking to disengage” A habit […]


Gold Bell, book, and candle, shall not drive me back, When gold and silver becks me to come on. — William Shakespeare, King John, III:3 Four years ago, although admittedly I am shocked that it is that long, I was sitting glued to a TV set in Cuba, the sun outside beating down, the beautiful […]

Fondling My Stitches

09.13.2000 Wednesday What time do people go to the dentist? Two-thirty. Get it? Tooth hurty? Face ache, can you tell? Simon is officially foggy, woozy, discombobulated, whatever you want to call it. I did run in to work today for the TeSt meeting (Technical Status) at 3:30 but the majority of my day was spent […]

The All Request Hour

09.12.2000 Tuesday You can run, but you can’t hide. Yeah, Shadow’s my biggest fan… Sit tight y’all, we are about to signify the end of an era. I have been asked to remove all reference to and all identifying remarks about a certain nursing student with whom I have had a sometimes enjoyable, always challenging […]

Losing My Crown

09.11.2000 Monday Dentistry: Maximum cost, maximum pain. Is there an upside? – Thoughts from the dentists chair. The thought going in was that he would poke around a bit, find the abscess or whatever it was and fix it. He’s a dentist after all, right? Right. After 12 (yes twelve) injections into my gums, he […]

Just One Of Those Days

09.10.2000 Sunday Night. A woman as beautiful as you, available? You must have some kind of personality disorder. – 3rd Rock From The Sun Toronto has never been the kind of city in which I would say that strange events rarely happen, in fact, with my recent forays downtown, I am more convinced than ever […]

Stepping Forth

09.09.2000 Saturday Night. Sorry I’m late… It took me forever to get here. – Never Been Kissed. There is a point in every relationship’s start when you must either take a step forth, or forego the opportunity that presents itself. Then there is the time when you just close your eyes and take a leap […]

Finally Technology

09.05.2000 Tuesday Night. The only thing worse than no technology is technology for technology’s sake. – Me, just now.. The world has suddenly made great strides forward in my mind and I owe it all to ER from the hospital. She was the one who opened my eyes to and the fabulous things they […]