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Yo-ga!! Yo-ga!!

Nobody should be made to leave the house while it is still dark, it’s just not right -Epiphany in the car this morning Yours Truly January 11, Tuesday. Sticking to resolutions was never particularly difficult for me. I guess it is that structured time frame, the well defined rules and the very specific start date […]

So This is 2005?

So this is 2005? Most people don’t plan to fail They just fail to plan -Context Unknown Origin Unknown January 6, Thursday. I suppose we had better start with some resolutions then? 1. No TV before 7pm. This is a major one if I am ever going to get anything done around the house. During […]

Back To Work With A Cold – Not A Happy Camper

You know, this part is what takes all the time So I think maybe I will make it optional -Gray Matter Simon Kay First day back after the holidays. This day is hardest when we have been away because the traffic in this city really imposes itself on you. I guess you don’t really notice […]