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Yo-ga!! Yo-ga!!!

January 11, Tuesday. Sticking to resolutions was never particularly difficult for me. I guess it is that structured time frame, the well defined rules and the very specific start date that appealed to me. So far, this year has been no different and this morning I found myself in front of the TV at 6am […]

So this is 2005?

January 6, Thursday. I suppose we had better start with some resolutions then? 1. No TV before 7pm. This is a major one if I am ever going to get anything done around the house. During the summer this is no problem since it is a joy to be out in the garage working in […]

Back to work with a cold – not a happy camper

Jan 5, 2005 First day back after the holidays. This day is hardest when we have been away because the traffic in this city really imposes itself on you. I guess you don’t really notice it when you live here, the daily hum of traffic, the endless stream of cars ahead and behind you but […]