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House of Ill Repute

So no sooner than Thunder is back on his furry feet, Nicole is now flat out with what we thought at first may be tonsilitis. She has had a fever and a really nasty cough for the last 4 days and even though she says she feels better, she is still lethargic and grumpy as […]

Thunder Stares Death in the Face

Sunday was a rough day for Thunder. He was sick after breakfast and for most of the day continued to throw up. This happens with cats some of the time if they eat something they shouldn’t or can’t get rid of a hairball. However by the early evening it was obvious that he wasn’t getting […]

My reply…

Someone posted a question about their lingering back pain… This is a portion of my replies. 1. Well I think I am going to give the opposite advice since I am in a similar situation to you and am living it day to day. I am 2 1/2 years post op and have had some […]

Down Under?

We also got what could potentially be life changing news this week, that my parents are planning to go to Australia again. In an ideal world, we would be able to go, find jobs, come back here and liquidate our lives and emigrate to Australia kissing Canada goodbye forever. The real kicker is that for […]

Candy Floss and Sunburn

We went out to the Aurora Street Fair this past weekend which was a really interesting time. Apart from the fact that we had to walk about 6 km from one ond to the other and back which was difficult at times it was really enjoyable. There were all sorts of vendors, tons of people […]

Happy June!

Finally, the weather is cooperating and it is starting to feel a little like summer. This means that it is time to get the roof off the Jeep, something which my trusty coworkers have in the past been a big part of but who this year are too far afield to assist. Being as it […]