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2005 Darwin Awards (July)

2005 Darwin Awards as of July 2005 1. When his 38-calibre revolver failed to fire at his intended victim during a hold-up in Long Beach, California, would-be robber James Elliot did something that can only inspire wonder. He peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. This time it worked…. And now, the honourable […]

2004 Darwin Awards

THE 2004 DARWIN AWARDS Hard to believe, but another year has passed. Once again, it’s time for the Darwin Award Nominees. The Darwins are awarded every year to the person who died in the most stupid manner, thereby removing himself or herself from the gene pool. The nine 2003-2004 nominees: Nominee No. 1: [San Jose […]

Worlds Easiest Quiz

THE WORLD’S EASIEST QUIZ (Passing requires only 4 correct answers) 1) How long did the Hundred Years War last? 2) Which country makes Panama hats? 3) From which animal do we get cat gut? 4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution? 5) What is a camel’s hair brush made of? 6) The […]

Quip This

So I have spent a large portion of my spare time of late converting all the old pages from the Online Journal into text that I can paste into here. That is why the long list of dates at the right hand side of your screen has been getting increasingly longer. It does camouflage the […]


Well, after at least 4 houses and endless amounts of good intention I have finally managed to get a floor installed and FINISHED in a basement. It’s all fine and good to say that we have a gym in the basement (another project literally years in the making) but it is entirely another to say […]