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I will return to this list once in a while, but here is a short list of my Motor Vehicle Accidents… 1984 – Smithy was driving his old Ford Escort when a car sideswiped us on my side. This was probably my first accident. 1982 – Hit by a car on my way to school, […]


I have been fine the past few days. My foot has returned to normal, my back, although sore has been OK and even though I am not quite up to exercising yet, the coaching thing has helped me to get a little more active. Until today of course. I woke up with a terrible sniffle. […]


So after Saturday’s coaching which seemed to go fine, I was unable to walk on Sunday. My back was acting in the same way as it did pre-op which means that I was leaning over like the Tower at Pisa. This meant that it was not as ominous as some of the recent episodes but […]

Fun in the Summer Time

So it’s time to go again. September 6th, the Tuesday after Labour Day and the first official day of school. Also, the first day of coaching. That is not the big news. I took my Level 1 tramp in Pickering August 28th, and completed my Level 2 Technical at Tristar in Unionville on 6th-7th and […]