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Fixing the Jeep

So lately the Jeep has had a hard time starting. Nothing else was really wrong except for the windshield wipers that were more of a hindrance than a help and one of my fog lights was burned out. So last week I bought 2 replacement bulbs for the fog lights (at $26 each!!) and planned […]

Low of -2

Are you kidding me? We left the house this morning as usual in the pitch black of night after arriving home in same last eve. This morning though there was a covering of ice on our neighbours car and not just the kind you can make holes in with the temperature of your fingertips. I […]


We went on our annual trek to Hastings this weekend and in true fashion, were astounded at just how far away it was. I know we have been there plenty of times and I know that every time we say the same thing but it never ceases to amaze me just how long the drive […]

Walking in a Dangerous Time

I am at that point again. I am starting to feel confident in my back and my ability to do things (albeit extremely limited) without ‘danger’. This is the point at which I usually do something stupid and put myself back to square one. So how do I avoid that this time? How do I […]