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Yes, she said.

Cainer: Plants grow quicker if you feed and water them. Obviously, there is a point past which that becomes counterproductive. If you give them too much, they may never thrive. This weekend, you find yourself waiting for something to happen. You can only do a certain amount to hasten the process. But what steps you […]

We are gathered here today…

We decided that we should meet at the restaurant, Masseys instead of going to the house to talk to Nicole’s Mum and Dad. I mean it was a little unorthodox anyway that Nicole was going to be there and so I figured that we may as well talk to them over dinner rather than standing […]

Walls are closing in…

Hahahah…. Just kidding, altough there is a sense of impending ‘something’ now that I know I am about to become a fiance for the first time. I am sure it will be a much greater sense of foreboding when the wedding is about to happen, and that I will no doubt go through the usual […]

Ring Ring

Well, as far as throwing a wrench in the works this one takes the cake. We were supposed to be going to Buffalo for a day to get some checp clothes for coaching and to get some American snacks that you can’t get here, notably white popcorn for Nicole. What we did instead was we […]

Meeting Time

Last night was our gym meeting, a welcome back to coaching get together where we see the co-workers and apparently hug the crap out of each other. It was fairly uneventful apart from the fashion faux pas that was the coordinator. It was a bit odd being back there again, it seemed like we had […]

The cat thread

Unfortunately I missed going to Penetang this weekend since Thunder apparently can’t keep from eating things he shouldn’t. Nicole noticed some thread on the floor inthe basement and wouldn’t you know Thunder decided it would make a great little snack. After the drama of last time, the stitches and the stress we decided I should […]