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The 3 week challenge

So here it is… With everything I know from years of personal training, nutritional counselling and weight management for others I am going to see just how much I can affect change in myself over the next 3 weeks. I will post my stats today and document every day how I am doing. Unfortunately I […]

Blind Panic (at the disco)

We have booked our flight and this year we will be celebrating Swissmas !!! We will be spending 19 days away from Canada’s frozen tundra. As an aside, while I was away I had ADT install an alarm system at home which apart from Nicole setting it off yesterday has been excellent and a great […]

Dr. day

I spoke to Dad this morning and apart from a shortness of breath which is to be expected after having one’s ribs broken he sounded like his old self. I told him we would be there for Christmas and he seemed happy that we would get to see him. I am hoping that we can […]

Mixed News

Well this week has been a horrible time in my life. My back went out again last Tuesday, I am not even sure why but I think it is due to the chair at Branson that I sit in when working in the closet. So I have been off for a week now, however my […]