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Sylvia says it’s cold out here…

Here she is, sadly with Christina looking on…  ..and this was last week sometime. Welcome to Canada, eh!!  

My New Baby

I don’t have any pictures yet, but sad as it is to say, the time had come to replace Christina Kayleigh. Not that she was getting too old to perform her duties, but rather Nicole and I had outgrown her, she was cold, impossible for Nicole to handle, impractical and most of all she was […]

Coolest Comic Builder Ever

If you like that kind of thing of course.. Thanks to Dom at orangeminds (stolen without his knowledge). Also, for the Sudoku addicts out there: Fun!

Snow Day 1

Well finally the snow is here, at least the pinging of the freezing rain off the roof of the Jeep tells me that winter in at least one of her guises has finally shown. I took us an hour and 15 to get here this morning, even though we left at 6:45. The trip in […]