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No time for nostalgia I have surfing to do

I was wandering aimlessly around the internet looking for some info on rugby and Oakville when I came across this little gem: it is the 100th anniversary of Oakville Trafalgar high School and it is being held in 2008 in Oakville. Now I only went to the school for a year, but since it […]

Winona Ryder served me dinner…

That’s what you get for shoplifting I guess, you are destined to be a reception clerk at a wedding caterer in Bowmanville. We went with the future in-laws to King’s Court Catering and I really have to say up front, bravo for the Yorkshire Pudding appetizers. We arrived and were ushered into a kind of […]

EEK! It’s a naturopath!

We visited a naturopath the other day, a visit which was interesting however I am not sure beyond recommending a few herbs and some roots to chew on that it will do much good. However in my neverending search for healthy alternatives, this is a route I must investigate. We went to the Canadian Naturopathic […]