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2 Days Post-Op

It is now Friday morning, about 44 hours after surgery and I am in front of my computer for the first time. Things look pretty normal so far. I woke this morning with a slight scratchiness in my left eye which has since subsided somewhat. I drove in to work and my sight was fine, […]

The day after surgery – Post-Op Day 1

Writing this from memory it was a rather uneventful day, however I remember getting out of bed at 530 and being able to see outside and in the darkness I wandered over to the window and was amazed that I was able to see. I started a ling day of eye drop routine and was […]

Sure, point that laser directly into my eye… is that burning flesh I smell?

So off I went to my pre-op appointment, to meet with the counsellor, to sign the papers and to back out if I really wanted. Since I had spent all morning on the floor of the pharmacy installing the wireless internet modem and router I was tired, irritable and frankly ready to get out of […]

I have decided I need to see…

I went for an appointment at LASIKMD today ( which was informative and was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. After finding out that it would be $1000 more than I thought it would be I still decided maybe it was time since I have been thinking about it and saving for it […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

However an engagement picture is far more difficult to create than a thousand words. We went to Millbrook, an hour and a half away to see our photographer yesterday to get our “engagement photos” done. First, I am not aware that there is such a thing as engagement photos and second I was not thrilled […]