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Happy Birthday to Me!!

It’s been a hectic month so far, full of surprise parties, wonderful gifts, too much very bad food and not nearly enough exercise. Of course, the big news is that I turned 40 this month and besides still feeling like I am a teenager in my mind and a senior citizen in the morning when […]

My Well-Being

It is the start of February, my weight has crept up, I knew it was and yet I did nothing to prevent it. I am now once again restricted to my fat clothes and huffing and puffing my way through my days. However, paradoxically I have started running on the treadmill. I started last week, […]

Pancake Tuesday – Feeling ambitious.

Well it’s that time of year again. Usually around this time if my resolutions have failed and I am feeling particularly ambitious I will give up something for lent. I have had unusual success with lent quitting, I recall such things as giving up sugar in my tea which lasted forever, and giving up caffeine […]