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It’s all about the core

For once I am not talking about core strength and the abdominal conditioning. I am talking about the Weightwatchers core food list that they permit you to eat almost unlimited amounts of given that you can stop once you feel “satisfied”. Well, if I knew when I felt satisfied I probably wouldn’t need Weightwatchers would […]

Weight Watching

I am back at fat camp. I signed up for another 6 months at Weight Watchers last night because I cannot deny that the only time I have actually managed to control my weight in the past 5 years was when Nicole and I went to WW once a week to get weighed. I remember […]

Sometimes things just go your way

Well, today was an odd day in many respects, and if every day was like this I would be a happy man. A long time ago, Nicole told me she wanted so she could use it for her gym stuff. A small site got put up and then basically forgotten. The last update to […]

Quarterly Update 2008 Q3

At work I have a cabinet door in front of my face upon which I tape printed calendars for 3 or 4 months at a time. Today it was time to take down the last 3 and put up the remaining 4 months of the year in preparation for coaching etc. Here is a short […]