When you change your focus
You will change your results.

– Proverb

There is usually only one thing to do on Superbowl Sunday. Today, however, having spent the vast majority of the day in the delightful company of Jenny, I have decided that even the Superbowl can be usurped by the attentions of a beautiful woman.

Football is football, but there is nothing quite like watching the reaction of a person with whom you have a close physical connection and allowing yourself to respond to them in a like manner. As people, we have the ability to laugh, to touch, to kiss, to gasp and to cry, but allowing ourselves to do all those things in the face of a single person is to find the kind of connection that is as rare as it is beautiful.

I feel the single greatest moments in a person’s life are those times that our emotions take ourselves as individuals completely by surprise. To be taken aback by a reaction we have to a certain event, as if that reaction was as native and as raw of a response as you will ever have is to be completely possessed by our basic instinct. That is a split second when we are beyond ourselves. It is a rare glimpse into our essential nature.

Bottle that, and you will make a million dollars I guarantee.