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It’s been a wild few months, so much is happening all around that I am clinging onto the one thing in which I find stability and that is my other blog. It’s easy to write, doesn’t really take that much effort and as an added bonus, helps me to stay on track with my workouts. […]

So, this baby thing…

We have waded neck deep into a festering gorgefest of greed for our money. Based only on the presumed love and undying adoration that we will have for our bundle of joy I am beseiged daily with websites and products and quotes and commercials some of which admittedly are so cute I want to barf […]

Pray Silence For The Father To Be…

Time for me to wade into the baby updates… Yes, I realize that this is the first time since the cryptic entry from last time that I am actually writing about the enormous changed that have come about in our lives. We learned a few weeks ago that Nicole is pregnant and therefore by deduction […]